The Golden Mirror Words of Wisdom

Homewards Bound

What’s unconscious of its essence Can be easily persuaded, And be made to lose its fundamental way. As the distance to its nature Keeps expanding, strain and pressure Makes it notice it was somehow led… continue reading

Raising Mountains

Solving problems by attending To a lack seems like the answer, But it feeds off the attention it receives. Dales, when filled up, only deepen, Claiming more of our attention. Troubles thrive when we serve… continue reading

Suitable Adjustments

Ancient preferences and choices Still directs the modern era, While the grounds for their inception are surpassed. By upholding what’s been founded On dissimilar conditions, The solutions we need now become suppressed. What was based… continue reading
How to separate truth from lies

Separating Truth

The truth exists on many levels. The lowest of these levels is simple information and the highest is pure understanding. In between there’s a range of perspectives, further from or closer to the truth, like… continue reading

Situational Deception

When convinced a wrong behavior, Based on present circumstances, Is our basic human nature, we’re confused. When what’s often demonstrated Becomes commonly accepted, Even the delightful truth will be refused. Situational deception Overtakes our way… continue reading

Above Causality

Under normal circumstances, Our reactional behavior Often tempts us to respond with equal force. The effects of any action Tends to cause a chain-reaction, Lest we’re able not to imitate the source. Don’t be triggered… continue reading
Rudimentary Meadows

Tribal Trust

There’s a level of trust that will never rust; a deeper sense of interpersonal reliance that, no matter what happens, always remains. It’s one of our basic instincts. It’s the same faith in each other… continue reading

From The Inside Out

When the outside world turns bitter, We’re subconsciously responding. We turn harsh when in submission we just kneel. Never bend to the unkindness, For it causes the condition. Turn your soft and gentle nature hard… continue reading
Leap of Faith

Leap of Faith

The fear keeps us clinging To short-term solutions, While adequate answers need time to adjust. The void in between, Where results are still absent, Requires a mixture of patience and trust. Rethink your dependence On… continue reading
Simply waiting

Simply Waiting

Peace is all around, But, as is its nature, Doesn’t make a sound. It’s, ‘cause it won’t feature, Harder to be found. Turmoil makes a noise. Drawing our attention When, as it destroys, Causes a… continue reading
Thusly implicated

Thusly Implicating

The power of believe can be restricting. It functions on the limits of what’s known. When facts and information are conflicting, And the amalgamated image shown Displays a false humanity condition, En masse we follow… continue reading
Tumultuous Approach

Tumultuous Approach

The abnormal draws attention, But keeps losing its attraction After we’re familiarized with its extremes. To secure its higher ratings It grows even more outrages By parading new and even stranger themes. Odd conditions, once… continue reading
Journeys of the mind

Journeys of the Mind

The wanderer, initially unconscious of the path And of the to-that-path belonging danger, Began to look around with lesser certainty and dread When where it led him to was getting stranger. He never really noticed… continue reading
Crafting Intentions

Crafting Intentions

With a made up mind, intended To be gentle or malicious, We’re less likely to embrace the other side. Those who linger in between Without a purpose or objective Will unendingly be swayed from left… continue reading
Forming friendships

Forming Friendships

When someone talks about another, our focus will automatically be directed towards that other person. And we will automatically project what it said about them onto them. Because of this it’s easy to think negative… continue reading
Paradigm Shift

Paradigm Shift

Taking only leads to taking, Whereas giving leads to giving. Get the way you act back under your control. Change your thoughts to turn the current. We can overtake the taking, Even though the giving… continue reading
Healthy range

Healthy Range

We often consider some aspects of our existence as being good and others as being bad. But in reality it’s not these aspects themselves that are good or bad (for us), but the way we… continue reading
Forgotten Portions

Forgotten Portions

We make choices within choices As we travel through our lifetime, Always slicing off more pieces of the pie. The full range of likely options Slowly fades from our perception. We get fixed by what… continue reading
The White Tree

The White Tree

When obscured by ignorance, Divided from its root, There’s no longing to advance The principle of good. What was planted long ago In ancient times of need Has no chance to further grow When we… continue reading
Summer Everlasting

Summer Everlasting

Keep fighting in winter And springtime will follow. The fall is its cardinal reason. By summertime winter-found Wisdom starts fading, Which sets in the following season. Just fighting when needed Will keep us defeated. We’ll… continue reading

Call to Splendor

When the good of heart don’t recognize their beauty, In a world that finds applause for what is crude, They forget to carry out their highest duty, Since it undermines the needed fortitude. It provokes… continue reading

The Harmonizing Tendency

Most our negative conclusions Are produced by resonating With the reigning overall mentality. By adjusting to the background We’re increasing its vibration. Overcome the harmonizing tendency. Only when we self-determine And establish our position Can… continue reading

Song of Chatter

Changing clouds of black birds flying By my window as I write, Tempting me to keep on spying; Every night my eyes are prying Till they’re lost in dying light. Held in trance while they’re… continue reading
Hidden Entrance

Hidden Entrance

It appears when there’s no exit  to be seen in times of trouble, neon-signing those at dead ends to step through. When you keep the option open,  it pops up around each corner; it keeps… continue reading

Contemplative Astral Form

Oversee your situation From an uninvolved perspective. Watch yourself as seen from an objective view. Meditate on your behavior As unbiased, neutral party. From above you might perceive the hidden clue That’s undoubtedly required To… continue reading

The Key to Change

The fail of dedication And the discipline to change Is not the limitation Or potential of our range. It lies in expectation Of uncertainties and lies And amplified frustration After failure of our tries. Undo… continue reading

Internal Intervention

Minds, when left uneducated, Mimic what they meet, To, when never interrupted, Broadcast on repeat. With our thoughts left undiscovered, We can’t intervene. We can redirect our reason Only when we screen. Minds can, once… continue reading

The Nightly Current

Never settle for the darkness. It produces less and less Of the hope sustaining twilight. When you’re caught up in the night Don’t head back towards the evening. Letting go of what you cling To,… continue reading
How to stay true to your original self

Staying True

Our experiences have a way of changing the way we see and behave towards life. And it’s this change in view and demeanor that creates the rift between who we have become and who we… continue reading


Time passes by For no reason Without us truly knowing From season to season Hidden from the eye In moments of treason Always there and never slowing Time passes by Turning pages Succeeding and foregoing… continue reading

Picture in a Frame

We form images The second We meet people, Old and new. We use references Acquired To include them In our view. What we’re witnessing Is seldom An impression Of what is. It starts vanishing The… continue reading

Spark of Life

When we’re overtaken by the dark Any form of light is kept from burning. When the doubtful shadow leaves its mark We’re kept undermined and kept from learning. Only when we one day see a… continue reading
Invisible barriers

Invisible Barriers

We are divided on many levels. The distinctions we perceive form invisible barriers that stand in between us, which prevent us from truly connecting with one another. It’s within our power to develop a universal… continue reading

The Good of Heart

Wisdom comes to the good of heart, But good requires wisdom. Just with both held in high regard Can we unlock its kingdom. Ignorance of the blind of mind Itself won’t seek the entrance. Unaware… continue reading

The Familiar Bias

Once so often change perspective. View an image from all sides. See if it remains intact if It discloses what it hides. Fight off the familiar bias. Always look for something new. See what we… continue reading

Adequate Foundation

Keep on hoping. Stop despair. End up coping. Always dare. By excluding a condition You can’t finish a transition. Keep believing. Always trust. Keep perceiving. Never rust. Many factors work together To produce a changing… continue reading

Matching Contradiction

Dark illumination Travels on my path. Blossoming stagnation Weighs upon my tread. Loosening restriction Ties me to my trail. Matching contradiction Struggles to prevail. Undisturbed commotion Chases on my track. Wavering devotion Tends to push… continue reading
Higher senses

Higher Senses

You may not even realize it, but you have more senses than you think. The traditional senses, which include sight, sound, touch, smell and taste – and echo-location if you’re a bat – evolved to… continue reading

Focus of Mind

Insight brings darkness Before it brings light. It shows us what’s wrong Before how to make right. When fixed on the shadow We’re put in a trance. Just they who look forward Can further advance.… continue reading

Regulated Freedom

Censorship and total freedom Are extremes of the same spectrum, Both removed from the more healthful midway thought. Both conditions are off-center: One won’t say what must be mentioned And the other keeps declaring what… continue reading


Most of us can’t see a lie Until it’s been exposed. It’s negated by the truth Whenever it’s disclosed. Falsehood is allowed to thrive When it’s still self-contained, But will be disproven by The truth… continue reading

Pure Shores

When we lose our inner guide Through self-neglect divorce. We may drift off out of sight From our inherit shores. They who fail to look inside To harness their own source Cling to the external… continue reading

Exceedingly Simplified

Life is seemingly complicated Till it’s thoroughly understood. When not logically validated It’s undoubtedly misconstrued. When deficiently contemplated It’s apparently mystified. It’s imperfectly estimated Till sufficiently clarified. When entirely motivated To productively recognize What is… continue reading

Unsought Beauty

Let go of what you’re looking for. It blinds the seeking eye. The options open to explore Will only pass you by When you don’t have an open view. The beauty you expect Prevents the… continue reading

Restoring the Pressure

Allow your irritations. They enlarge when they’re refused. Acknowledge your frustrations. They die down when they’re defused. Admit your complications When denied they build up strain. Respect your limitations Or their tension will remain. We’ll… continue reading

Beyond Good and Evil

Whether there’s no good or evil, There’s just always wrong and right. Where there’s order or upheaval We exist in day or night. Rise above the superficial. Judge the action and intent. Contemplate what’s beneficial… continue reading

Binding Spell

Release your ties to what once was. When on the past you dwell, By clinging to a distant cause, It forms a binding spell. Forget about what’s in the past, For yesterday is gone. Don’t… continue reading

The Cardinal Criteria

Creation of prosperity Can’t take the easy way. When laughter lacks sincerity It often leads astray. An overall euphoria Can’t be upheld at once. The cardinal criteria Is patience given chance. The real pursuit of… continue reading

The Point of No Return

Once aware you can’t unnotice. Once you know you can’t unlearn. Always welcome what’s discovered Passed the point of no return. What’s been seen keeps reemerging. What’s revealed can’t be denied. Don’t rebel against what’s… continue reading

Knowing Better

Trust needs no outlet And faith needs no test. Whereas suspicion and Doubt are expressed. Look for the nature Of what is professed. They who know better Don’t always know best.… continue reading

White Steps

Each wrong step leads to another, Like white steps negate the black. Face the past and change your heading. Never think you can’t go back. When convinced there’s no returning You solidify your fate. A… continue reading


What’s empty will empty. What’s full will refill. What’s picked up starts rising. What’s dropped goes downhill. What’s broken keeps breaking. What’s whole will repair. What’s backwards can U-turn Once it grows aware. What’s given… continue reading

Cancel out the Undertow

When below a certain threshold, Our collective body plunges Ever faster. Darker matters make us drop. When the weight is overwhelming We start pulling down each other, Further hindering the efforts going up. We descent… continue reading

Flashes of Insight

New insight makes us realize. It’s shocking when it flashes. And in these moments of surprise It’s as if lightning crashes. We’re always briefly energized When bolts of truth are striking, And positively mesmerized Before… continue reading

Golden Ratio

The love of the heart And the love of the mind Don’t always agree on the matter. Philosophy’s art And emotional find Aren’t always connected together. They each have a sphere In a different domain,… continue reading


Afraid to change and not to! What off the fears you’ve seen? Choose what you wish for to not to Be stuck there in between. The fear will make you wander By going round and… continue reading

Where Eagles Soar

Birds of a feather Will flock together, But better they scatter some more Forever, to better Their flight and see whether Their feather is one to adore. If not let it shatter, No matter the… continue reading
Time to change

Time to Change

When you alter your approach towards others, they will alter their approach towards you. This is true in a general fashion. In specific situations it may not always seem to be so. And since specific… continue reading

Angel 22

Seven angels Enchanting faces With figures perfect made Fallen Once In all the places Mischief they create Seven angels Pure of heart With empathy for all Fallen ones In worlds apart When anger to them… continue reading

Empty Vessels

Look beyond the given meaning, the proclaimed interpretation and the reason-less assumption when you read. Neutral words are empty vessels that adjust to what’s been added. In their changed-to-fit condition they mislead. Always keep your… continue reading

Sentience Evolution

We made progress in surmounting the survival of the fittest on a physical, environmental scale. But the struggle must be conquered also on a mental level. As before, perform together to prevail. We can’t reach… continue reading

Iterations of Reality

Darkened minds perceive existence as a darker iteration of reality. The colored circumstance Is a foul interpretation that produces, without knowing, its own status-reaffirming evidence. What you see and what’s occurring are distinct from one… continue reading
The other ego

The Other Ego

When we think of ego, we often think about the characteristics of people who see themselves as more or better than others, like arrogance, selfishness, pride or self-importance. But the truth is that the opposite… continue reading

Unfamiliar Measures

Since the dark invites more darkness, we get stuck in its condition. It takes unfamiliar measures to break free. We’re closed off from the solution when we’re caught up in the problem. Come to understand… continue reading

The Voice Within

When the outside world is shouting, laying claim to our attention, it gets harder to detect the voice within. Yet, she keeps disseminating her pure, unaffected message and the promise of true happiness therein. Deeply… continue reading

Travel Perpendicular

Treasure hides in three dimensions. There’s material possession, acquisition of the mind and goods of heart. With our eyes in one direction we can’t go up in the others; there’s no gain in the dimensions… continue reading

Tools of Intention

There’s no tool forged good or evil, but in time, by how they’re handled, they might be as either one identified. When as black manipulated they can lose their whiter function. Don’t judge instruments by… continue reading

The Light-Unbreaking Prism

Truth is white, and always scattered; it appears as many colors. Merge more viewpoints to approximate what’s true. Look beyond your saturation to increase your coloration. Truth reveals itself as a mosaic view. Keep exploring… continue reading
Purposely mesmerized

Purposely Mesmerized

Do you remember when you were a child and everything looked magical and amazing? That’s because everything was new and exciting. Our eyes were automatically drawn to them, because our mind had something new to… continue reading

The Energy Between Us

We’re (sub)consciously connected through a net of interactions, as we influence each other day by day. By unendingly reacting to reaction to our actions we increase the output of what we display. We’re in unison… continue reading

The Second Choice

Breaking free demands two choices. First of all there’s the decision to oppose the limitations you perceive. Yet, positions of resistance are still tethered indirectly to the circumstance you try to fight and leave. Free… continue reading
Coming together

Coming Together

In the old days, cultures were pretty isolated from each other. They had their own geographical location, and with it room to grow and flourish on their own. Outside influence was almost non-existent and wouldn’t… continue reading

Higher Self-Awareness

See and own your contribution to what you observe around you. We interpret with our current state of mind. Our reality’s a mirror, showing higher self-awareness once you spot the portion you yourself designed. While… continue reading

Part of the Landscape

There are closed and open secrets: tricks for hiding information and enigmas made of insight meant to find. Pay attention to the riddles to enhance you higher vision; concentrating on a ploy will only blind.… continue reading

Intrinsically Connected

Individual conditions are intrinsically connected to what’s happening on a collective scale. When the world’s at lower footings, any personal ascension beyond any certain point’s of no avail. Downing others to rise higher only lowers… continue reading

The Fluctuating Spikes

Opposition is resisted. When conditions are confronted, in defense they first produce a heightened state. When your mental states are surging, don’t give in to their inflation to maintain the current status they create. Doubt… continue reading

The Unseen Adversary

In our physical dimension we can fight what we encounter, since we’re able to engage what can be seen. On the psychic plane, however, we must gather understanding to be able to perceive and intervene.… continue reading
Connecting Love

Connecting Love

Sometimes it seems as if we’re giving too much love, that all the love we give doesn’t seem to be enough or even that the love we give is never recognized or appreciated. That’s because… continue reading

The Master Switch

Energizing any changes  is impossible or trying with a total system failure in effect. Beneficial alterations  aren’t allowed by self-rejection; when a positive self-image is defect. Change the overall objective  to empower the components; they’re… continue reading

Total Spectrum

We see spans of gray located  in a larger total spectrum; we each have a private reach in constant change. We see black and white according  to the limits of our vision; more distorted when… continue reading

When Worlds Collide

Thoughts we have can be conflicting  ‘cause they well up from two sources. Some articulate sensations from within. Other thoughts we have are foreign,  like an alien invasion, from around originating, nestling in. Stand behind… continue reading

The Perpetual Swing

It takes effort to stay neutral.  We’re inclined to choose position. Over time, adopted viewpoints even stay. Find your way back to the middle  once you’re placed in opposition, but beware of the impending oversway.… continue reading
Inner Economics

Inner Economics

Under undistorted circumstances, helping someone brings its own rewards. That reward being feeling good about yourself. This inner bonus is part of the timeless, yet simple principle of “you get what you give”, which applies… continue reading

The Single-Sided Coin

There’s no flip-side to the fortune  when it comes to inner treasure: you won’t end up being subject to its reign; A possession can’t be stolen  and will double when donated; each investment in yourself… continue reading

The Pressuring Event

There’s a choice or there’s no option:  either forced by circumstances or prepared to go by answering a call. When the voice is disappearing,  all because we stop to listen, The Alternative will happen to… continue reading

At the Source

Don’t believe what is presented. What surrounds us is a symptom, but when looked at it will register as cause. Our condition is reflected.  Never trust the mirror image. It’s what magnifies our self-imagined flaws.… continue reading

The Reoccurring Trap Door

New terrain is never solid.  After change or transformation comes a period of instability. An intended destination  is still missing on arrival. Get acquainted with your new reality. Keep supporting the foundation  that provided your… continue reading

The One-Way Gate

Once revealed, some things can’t vanish.  When unconscious of our actions we will never know if what we do is right. Before we can see what’s righteous  we must look at our wrongdoings. There’s a… continue reading

Original Design

We all share a human template,  both in body and in spirit. Unprovoked we’d still be trusting and benign. Only due to interference  from belligerent surroundings we lose track off our original design. With our… continue reading

Reversed Related

When it looms on the horizon, never run away in panic; fear’s an entity producing its own rise. If we back off, it enlarges. See through its deceptive nature; distance is reversed related to its… continue reading

The Shifting Borderline

At their point of intersection  both realities are calling simultaneously. Stop going back and forth. Where the old and new conditions  are both equally attractive, one gets stronger when the other is ignored. Make a… continue reading

The Full Equation

Doing half the calculation when you contemplate an action may produce an unsought opposite effect. Make a foresight estimation to see whether brief additions don’t in fact, as lasting consequence, subtract. Without eye for what… continue reading