My name is Jerry Corstens and I’m the author of all the quotes, verses and articles you find on this website.

Although everything is written in English, I myself am a Dutch citizen and my native tongue is Dutch. I live in a town called Sittard in the Limburg province in the south of The Netherlands, of which, as you all know, the capital is Amsterdam. It was only a few years back that I decided to translate all my Dutch material into English, basically in order to reach a larger audience.

My main reason for writing is that I’ve been contemplating life and all its mysteries for as long as I can remember, and the insights I’ve gathered over the years just need to be shared.

I also went through some troubled times in the past and I always managed to find my way back out. My ability to inspect the causes and investigate the solutions certainly helped. I later on became a Personal Development Coach in order to help guide other people through the difficult times they experience. My writing is an extension of the wish to share my personal findings and to inspire, motivate and inform a larger group of people.

I hope very much that you enjoy what you read on this website and that it will provide you with some needed insight to overcome personal problems or to reach for higher states of overall well-being.


The Golden Mirror is a title I came up with while writing a book of verses, and it was originally going to be the title of that book. And most likely it still will be once that book is finished. I started using it on social media posting my quote-like messages a few years back and from then on, in my mind, it kind of evolved into being synonymous with all my work. So I used it on this website as well.

The Golden Mirror is a bit of a metaphor. The gold represents knowledge in the form of understanding, which I believe is needed for the mind (and us with it) to prosper. To live a rich life, valuable insights are needed, and of course the wisdom to live according to those insights. Contemplating life, and your place in it, are essential in understanding what you do, what you need to do instead and how you can change it. This last part is represented by the mirror. It stands for reflection and self-reflection. With my words I hope to provide you with some beneficial treasures of the mind.

The logo, as partly seen in the picture above, I designed myself. It’s a maze inside a wheel in motion. It symbolizes the progress me make while trying to find our way through life. Once you know your way around the maze – by gathering and using more and more insights – the wheel starts moving.

– Jerry Corstens

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  1. Feyi says:

    Hi. I have been following you for a couple of years now. Your quotes on Twitter were profound and I used to look forward to them everyday but I no longer get them. Just to acknowledge you and say thumbs up.

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