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How to separate truth from lies

Separating Truth

The truth exists on many levels. The lowest of these levels is simple information and the highest is pure understanding. In between there’s a range of perspectives, further from or closer to the truth, like… continue reading
Rudimentary Meadows

Tribal Trust

There’s a level of trust that will never rust; a deeper sense of interpersonal reliance that, no matter what happens, always remains. It’s one of our basic instincts. It’s the same faith in each other… continue reading
Forming friendships

Forming Friendships

When someone talks about another, our focus will automatically be directed towards that other person. And we will automatically project what it said about them onto them. Because of this it’s easy to think negative… continue reading
Healthy range

Healthy Range

We often consider some aspects of our existence as being good and others as being bad. But in reality it’s not these aspects themselves that are good or bad (for us), but the way we… continue reading
How to stay true to your original self

Staying True

Our experiences have a way of changing the way we see and behave towards life. And it’s this change in view and demeanor that creates the rift between who we have become and who we… continue reading
Invisible barriers

Invisible Barriers

We are divided on many levels. The distinctions we perceive form invisible barriers that stand in between us, which prevent us from truly connecting with one another. It’s within our power to develop a universal… continue reading
Higher senses

Higher Senses

You may not even realize it, but you have more senses than you think. The traditional senses, which include sight, sound, touch, smell and taste – and echo-location if you’re a bat – evolved to… continue reading
Time to change

Time to Change

When you alter your approach towards others, they will alter their approach towards you. This is true in a general fashion. In specific situations it may not always seem to be so. And since specific… continue reading
The other ego

The Other Ego

When we think of ego, we often think about the characteristics of people who see themselves as more or better than others, like arrogance, selfishness, pride or self-importance. But the truth is that the opposite… continue reading
Purposely mesmerized

Purposely Mesmerized

Do you remember when you were a child and everything looked magical and amazing? That’s because everything was new and exciting. Our eyes were automatically drawn to them, because our mind had something new to… continue reading
Coming together

Coming Together

In the old days, cultures were pretty isolated from each other. They had their own geographical location, and with it room to grow and flourish on their own. Outside influence was almost non-existent and wouldn’t… continue reading
Connecting Love

Connecting Love

Sometimes it seems as if we’re giving too much love, that all the love we give doesn’t seem to be enough or even that the love we give is never recognized or appreciated. That’s because… continue reading
Inner Economics

Inner Economics

Under undistorted circumstances, helping someone brings its own rewards. That reward being feeling good about yourself. This inner bonus is part of the timeless, yet simple principle of “you get what you give”, which applies… continue reading