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Personal poems

Song of Chatter

Changing clouds of black birds flying By my window as I write, Tempting me to keep on spying; Every night my eyes are prying Till they’re lost in dying light. Held in trance while they’re… continue reading


Time passes by For no reason Without us truly knowing From season to season Hidden from the eye In moments of treason Always there and never slowing Time passes by Turning pages Succeeding and foregoing… continue reading

Matching Contradiction

Dark illumination Travels on my path. Blossoming stagnation Weighs upon my tread. Loosening restriction Ties me to my trail. Matching contradiction Struggles to prevail. Undisturbed commotion Chases on my track. Wavering devotion Tends to push… continue reading

Golden Ratio

The love of the heart And the love of the mind Don’t always agree on the matter. Philosophy’s art And emotional find Aren’t always connected together. They each have a sphere In a different domain,… continue reading

Angel 22

Seven angels Enchanting faces With figures perfect made Fallen Once In all the places Mischief they create Seven angels Pure of heart With empathy for all Fallen ones In worlds apart When anger to them… continue reading