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  1. Catriona Evans says:

    Hi, I hope you are well. I am contacting you regarding one of your quotes which I would like, with your permission, to include in a book I am writing.

    With a negative mindset you only see negative things happen, yet positive things happen all the time. Alter your state of mind to see them.”

    Many thanks

  2. Takondwa says:

    I love your work and follow from Malawi in Africa. What do the last 2 lines of the Knowing Better piece really mean? I have an idea but really need to confirm.

  3. lily perez says:


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  4. Creator8 says:

    How are you Jerry, if I may address you on a first name basis? My name is Scott from NJ and I am “Creator8” a follower and supporter of yours from Twitter. Would like to take this time to thank you for the priceless knowledge that you so kindly share with the public. Also I want to acknowledge the wise advice that may or may not be directed towards my ignorance from time to time and thank you as well. Regardless of your motivations, the important thing is that they are always kind, respectful and informative and have helped guide me on my journey in a positive direction constructively. A unique talent that you possess sir and I thank you for your guidance. Respectfully, Scott

    • Thank you, Scott. I truly appreciate what you are saying.

      I indeed make it my business to create content that is objective, yet neutrally positive.

      It is my understanding that any excessive emotional tone blocks the underlying message from even reaching those who may otherwise be open to it.

      And no, I’m not aiming at you directly. I hope to fire general arrows in general directions hoping for someone like you to willingly be struck by them.

      So, I’m not really a very good shot, you’re just excellent at plucking them out of the air. Great catch 😉

      Yours, Jerry

  5. Vi Shaffer says:

    Is the quote “Be wise instead of overconfident. One leads to unexpected failure, the other to unexpected success.” yours? When I saw it the author was shown as “unknown.” If this is indeed your quote can please tell me which of your works it came from so it will be correctly attributed in my usage. Thank you

    • Hi Vi,

      The quote is indeed mine. Although it’s more of a saying, because I’m not really quoting anyone 😉

      It’s not from a specific work I created. I write texts, poems and sayings. So, the quote you refer to may as well be a single thought translated onto paper, because I couldn’t find the time to turn it into a poem or article.

      And sometimes I just take the time to simply focus on writing just quotes. With the underlying thought that they make good social media content.

  6. Mitzi Romanelli says:

    Hi Jerry,

    Total stranger here, writing to you with a question. I would greatly appreciate any insight you can offer. Let me begin by saying, I know relatively little about the subject I am about to dive into. Regarding thoughts, in your experience/learning, do thoughts flow in wavelengths? I really don’t know if I am asking this question correctly. You see, just before I woke this morning, this revelation if you will came to me. I saw an image of a wavy horizontal line, black with a white background. Nothing else. I immediately understood that thoughts flow like a wave of energy, and that they can be interrupted, diverted & changed by other signals or energy and even other thoughts. Do you have any deeper insight into if this is true and if so what it means? If that is not the nature of thoughts, what is?
    All I could think to do upon waking was to write it down quickly & then Google it later. So I did, and your page was one of the first to come up. I was so surprised by this information that was randomly given to me. I have not been watching anything of this nature on TV, reading anything like this anywhere. Just random thoughts popping into my head right before waking. In fact, it happened in that place just between sleeping & waking. You know the place……THAT place. I’d value your thoughts on this.

    Warmest Regards,

    • Hi Mitzi,

      To be honest, this is not really my field of expertise. I dive more into the realm of philosophy and psychology, and not really in the realm of science. Although this may be a bit in between.

      When I talk about wavelengths and such, I mostly use them as metaphors to describe psychological processes or philosophical principles, not necessarily as scientific fact.

      So, I don’t really have the answer for you here.

      But, if that place in between gives you a hint, perhaps that’s what you should look into. Because science, as far as I can tell, is open to what you describe.

      Happy hunting.


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