Flashes of Insight

New insight makes us realize.
It’s shocking when it flashes.
And in these moments of surprise
It’s as if lightning crashes.

We’re always briefly energized
When bolts of truth are striking,
And positively mesmerized
Before they’re truly spiking.

Illuminated instances
Are followed by the thunder;
These periods of heaviness
That tear what was asunder.

Predominated sentiments,
And thoughts that are controlling,
Are valued on their relevance
As long as roars are rolling.

When new ideas meet disregard,
It will prolong the rumble.
Let truth replace what you regard.
The sound fades out when humble.

With truth embraced, the light of life
Returns, intensifying.
New insights, after they deprive,
Become electrifying.

Image: Generated with Chaotica

A philosophical dreamer with a passion for self-reflection and contemplating life. He’s serious about helping people with the insights he gathered, but playful in the way he communicates his wisdom. He left a career as environmental engineer behind, in favor of becoming a personal development coach and thought-provoking writer.

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