Invisible Barriers

We are divided on many levels. The distinctions we perceive form invisible barriers that stand in between us, which prevent us from truly connecting with one another.

It’s within our power to develop a universal compassion towards all people. Perhaps we’re even born with it. But that potential can’t be reach for as long as we’re held back by the unseen walls that separate us. And these walls begin to form from the moment we enter this world for as long as this world teaches us to look at differences rather than similarities.

The pure connection between us is a connection of love, which resides in the heart. The unperceived dividers are constructs of the mind. And these constructs have the ability to cut us of from the empathy we’re able to feel for one another. Especially when we start forming substitute connections with the walls we’ve erected around us.

Basically anything that fills us with the idea (and subsequently feeling) of “Us versus Them” forms an obscured enclosure. And these psychological structures are never based on trust, but rather on its dark counterpart fear; never on the love for one another, but rather on hate fueled by that fear. And as times passes by they evolve and keep us locked behind hidden doors hardly anyone is even looking to escape through.

We are born into a world where many invisible walls have stood erected for a long time. We’ve come to accept that what’s been painted on these walls is our normal background, when in fact it’s not. Their views on life are like murals with vast landscapes, but they nevertheless keep us trapped within small confinements; confinements in which we’re only able to find affection to those who are in it with us and in which we almost certainly develop a dislike for those who are on the outside of it.

And in a world where new walls are formed in an alarming rate, where smaller groups are divided into smaller and smaller groups, we’re more and more in danger of losing connection with everyone around us. And this is an ideal situation for mental states like loneliness, social fears, paranoia and a general dislike for others to flourish.

The only way to come back from this is not to see other people as the enemy, but to see these walls, which make us perceive each other as enemies, as the true enemy. Don’t attack each other; attack the ideas that make you dislike each other.

We are divided on many levels. As long as we belong to nations, cultures, religions, races, political parties, social groups, families, schools, movements, fashions and many more, and these things make us close off instead of open up, we’re no longer able to truly belong to ourselves.

Our true nature is kept from us by the ideas that get stuck in our heads. Only by removing them brick by brick can we find our way back to it. But to do so we must first look into our invisible barriers in order to make them visible, for only once they are seen will we be able to break them down.

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A philosophical dreamer with a passion for self-reflection and contemplating life. He’s serious about helping people with the insights he gathered, but playful in the way he communicates his wisdom. He left a career as environmental engineer behind, in favor of becoming a personal development coach and thought-provoking writer.

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