Matching Contradiction

Dark illumination
Travels on my path.
Blossoming stagnation
Weighs upon my tread.

Loosening restriction
Ties me to my trail.
Matching contradiction
Struggles to prevail.

Undisturbed commotion
Chases on my track.
Wavering devotion
Tends to push me back.

Secretive confession
Complicates my way.
Flourishing regression,
Leading me astray

Organized confusion
Relocates my road.
Factual illusion,
Locking its own code

Logical emotion
Meets me on my street.
In this desert ocean
Both is what I need.

Jerry Corstens is a visionary dreamer with a blind passion for self-reflection and contemplating life, a self-proclaimed philosopher with poetic ambitions. He's serious about helping people with the insights he gathered, but playful in the way he communicates his wisdom. It made him leave a career as environmental engineer behind, in favor of becoming a personal development coach and thought-provoking writer.

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