Range of Control

Where we place our focus determines, in part, whether we have a frustrating life or a satisfying one. It’s that focus that decides if we’re able to change what we see or not. And it’s that control over our lives that helps establish our overall level of well-being.

When our focus is placed “here”, at situations that are within our range of control, we are able to change them and become satisfied because of that; when our focus is placed “in the distance”, at situations out of our reach, it will be a constant source of frustration.

When our eyes are constantly drawn to what’s happening all over the world, it indirectly also helps to draw our focus away from what’s happening in our own lives. Because of that we often forget to deal with the bad things that are happening here, which only helps them to develop further, and forget to look at the good things we have.

Shift your focus. It’s easy to look in the distance, because that’s where the many things happen. And they will draw attention. But the few things happening in your own life are actually the things that truly matter to you.

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