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The Key to Change

The fail of dedication And the discipline to change Is not the limitation Or potential of our range. It lies in expectation Of uncertainties and lies And amplified frustration After failure of our tries. Undo… continue reading

Adequate Foundation

Keep on hoping. Stop despair. End up coping. Always dare. By excluding a condition You can’t finish a transition. Keep believing. Always trust. Keep perceiving. Never rust. Many factors work together To produce a changing… continue reading


Afraid to change and not to! What off the fears you’ve seen? Choose what you wish for to not to Be stuck there in between. The fear will make you wander By going round and… continue reading
Time to change

Time to Change

When you alter your approach towards others, they will alter their approach towards you. This is true in a general fashion. In specific situations it may not always seem to be so. And since specific… continue reading

The Master Switch

Energizing any changes  is impossible or trying with a total system failure in effect. Beneficial alterations  aren’t allowed by self-rejection; when a positive self-image is defect. Change the overall objective  to empower the components; they’re… continue reading

The Reoccurring Trap Door

New terrain is never solid.  After change or transformation comes a period of instability. An intended destination  is still missing on arrival. Get acquainted with your new reality. Keep supporting the foundation  that provided your… continue reading

The Shifting Borderline

At their point of intersection  both realities are calling simultaneously. Stop going back and forth. Where the old and new conditions  are both equally attractive, one gets stronger when the other is ignored. Make a… continue reading