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Journeys of the mind

Journeys of the Mind

The wanderer, initially unconscious of the path And of the to-that-path belonging danger, Began to look around with lesser certainty and dread When where it led him to was getting stranger. He never really noticed… continue reading

Contemplative Astral Form

Oversee your situation From an uninvolved perspective. Watch yourself as seen from an objective view. Meditate on your behavior As unbiased, neutral party. From above you might perceive the hidden clue That’s undoubtedly required To… continue reading

Tools of Intention

There’s no tool forged good or evil, but in time, by how they’re handled, they might be as either one identified. When as black manipulated they can lose their whiter function. Don’t judge instruments by… continue reading

The Unseen Adversary

In our physical dimension we can fight what we encounter, since we’re able to engage what can be seen. On the psychic plane, however, we must gather understanding to be able to perceive and intervene.… continue reading

The Full Equation

Doing half the calculation when you contemplate an action may produce an unsought opposite effect. Make a foresight estimation to see whether brief additions don’t in fact, as lasting consequence, subtract. Without eye for what… continue reading