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Paradigm Shift

Paradigm Shift

Taking only leads to taking, Whereas giving leads to giving. Get the way you act back under your control. Change your thoughts to turn the current. We can overtake the taking, Even though the giving… continue reading
Hidden Entrance

Hidden Entrance

It appears when there’s no exit  to be seen in times of trouble, neon-signing those at dead ends to step through. When you keep the option open,  it pops up around each corner; it keeps… continue reading

Unfamiliar Measures

Since the dark invites more darkness, we get stuck in its condition. It takes unfamiliar measures to break free. We’re closed off from the solution when we’re caught up in the problem. Come to understand… continue reading

The Voice Within

When the outside world is shouting, laying claim to our attention, it gets harder to detect the voice within. Yet, she keeps disseminating her pure, unaffected message and the promise of true happiness therein. Deeply… continue reading

Travel Perpendicular

Treasure hides in three dimensions. There’s material possession, acquisition of the mind and goods of heart. With our eyes in one direction we can’t go up in the others; there’s no gain in the dimensions… continue reading

Tools of Intention

There’s no tool forged good or evil, but in time, by how they’re handled, they might be as either one identified. When as black manipulated they can lose their whiter function. Don’t judge instruments by… continue reading

The Light-Unbreaking Prism

Truth is white, and always scattered; it appears as many colors. Merge more viewpoints to approximate what’s true. Look beyond your saturation to increase your coloration. Truth reveals itself as a mosaic view. Keep exploring… continue reading

The Energy Between Us

We’re (sub)consciously connected through a net of interactions, as we influence each other day by day. By unendingly reacting to reaction to our actions we increase the output of what we display. We’re in unison… continue reading

Higher Self-Awareness

See and own your contribution to what you observe around you. We interpret with our current state of mind. Our reality’s a mirror, showing higher self-awareness once you spot the portion you yourself designed. While… continue reading

The Fluctuating Spikes

Opposition is resisted. When conditions are confronted, in defense they first produce a heightened state. When your mental states are surging, don’t give in to their inflation to maintain the current status they create. Doubt… continue reading

The Master Switch

Energizing any changes  is impossible or trying with a total system failure in effect. Beneficial alterations  aren’t allowed by self-rejection; when a positive self-image is defect. Change the overall objective  to empower the components; they’re… continue reading

The Single-Sided Coin

There’s no flip-side to the fortune  when it comes to inner treasure: you won’t end up being subject to its reign; A possession can’t be stolen  and will double when donated; each investment in yourself… continue reading

The Reoccurring Trap Door

New terrain is never solid.  After change or transformation comes a period of instability. An intended destination  is still missing on arrival. Get acquainted with your new reality. Keep supporting the foundation  that provided your… continue reading

The One-Way Gate

Once revealed, some things can’t vanish.  When unconscious of our actions we will never know if what we do is right. Before we can see what’s righteous  we must look at our wrongdoings. There’s a… continue reading

The Shifting Borderline

At their point of intersection  both realities are calling simultaneously. Stop going back and forth. Where the old and new conditions  are both equally attractive, one gets stronger when the other is ignored. Make a… continue reading