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Raising Mountains

Solving problems by attending To a lack seems like the answer, But it feeds off the attention it receives. Dales, when filled up, only deepen, Claiming more of our attention. Troubles thrive when we serve… continue reading
Summer Everlasting

Summer Everlasting

Keep fighting in winter And springtime will follow. The fall is its cardinal reason. By summertime winter-found Wisdom starts fading, Which sets in the following season. Just fighting when needed Will keep us defeated. We’ll… continue reading

Binding Spell

Release your ties to what once was. When on the past you dwell, By clinging to a distant cause, It forms a binding spell. Forget about what’s in the past, For yesterday is gone. Don’t… continue reading
Purposely mesmerized

Purposely Mesmerized

Do you remember when you were a child and everything looked magical and amazing? That’s because everything was new and exciting. Our eyes were automatically drawn to them, because our mind had something new to… continue reading