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Thusly implicated

Thusly Implicating

The power of believe can be restricting. It functions on the limits of what’s known. When facts and information are conflicting, And the amalgamated image shown Displays a false humanity condition, En masse we follow… continue reading
Tumultuous Approach

Tumultuous Approach

The abnormal draws attention, But keeps losing its attraction After we’re familiarized with its extremes. To secure its higher ratings It grows even more outrages By parading new and even stranger themes. Odd conditions, once… continue reading

Picture in a Frame

We form images The second We meet people, Old and new. We use references Acquired To include them In our view. What we’re witnessing Is seldom An impression Of what is. It starts vanishing The… continue reading

Unsought Beauty

Let go of what you’re looking for. It blinds the seeking eye. The options open to explore Will only pass you by When you don’t have an open view. The beauty you expect Prevents the… continue reading

Empty Vessels

Look beyond the given meaning, the proclaimed interpretation and the reason-less assumption when you read. Neutral words are empty vessels that adjust to what’s been added. In their changed-to-fit condition they mislead. Always keep your… continue reading

Iterations of Reality

Darkened minds perceive existence as a darker iteration of reality. The colored circumstance Is a foul interpretation that produces, without knowing, its own status-reaffirming evidence. What you see and what’s occurring are distinct from one… continue reading