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The White Tree

The White Tree

When obscured by ignorance, Divided from its root, There’s no longing to advance The principle of good. What was planted long ago In ancient times of need Has no chance to further grow When we… continue reading

Call to Splendor

When the good of heart don’t recognize their beauty, In a world that finds applause for what is crude, They forget to carry out their highest duty, Since it undermines the needed fortitude. It provokes… continue reading

The Good of Heart

Wisdom comes to the good of heart, But good requires wisdom. Just with both held in high regard Can we unlock its kingdom. Ignorance of the blind of mind Itself won’t seek the entrance. Unaware… continue reading

Beyond Good and Evil

Whether there’s no good or evil, There’s just always wrong and right. Where there’s order or upheaval We exist in day or night. Rise above the superficial. Judge the action and intent. Contemplate what’s beneficial… continue reading

Total Spectrum

We see spans of gray located  in a larger total spectrum; we each have a private reach in constant change. We see black and white according  to the limits of our vision; more distorted when… continue reading

The One-Way Gate

Once revealed, some things can’t vanish.  When unconscious of our actions we will never know if what we do is right. Before we can see what’s righteous  we must look at our wrongdoings. There’s a… continue reading