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Hidden Entrance

Hidden Entrance

It appears when there’s no exit  to be seen in times of trouble, neon-signing those at dead ends to step through. When you keep the option open,  it pops up around each corner; it keeps… continue reading

The Nightly Current

Never settle for the darkness. It produces less and less Of the hope sustaining twilight. When you’re caught up in the night Don’t head back towards the evening. Letting go of what you cling To,… continue reading

Spark of Life

When we’re overtaken by the dark Any form of light is kept from burning. When the doubtful shadow leaves its mark We’re kept undermined and kept from learning. Only when we one day see a… continue reading

Matching Contradiction

Dark illumination Travels on my path. Blossoming stagnation Weighs upon my tread. Loosening restriction Ties me to my trail. Matching contradiction Struggles to prevail. Undisturbed commotion Chases on my track. Wavering devotion Tends to push… continue reading

Cancel out the Undertow

When below a certain threshold, Our collective body plunges Ever faster. Darker matters make us drop. When the weight is overwhelming We start pulling down each other, Further hindering the efforts going up. We descent… continue reading

Where Eagles Soar

Birds of a feather Will flock together, But better they scatter some more Forever, to better Their flight and see whether Their feather is one to adore. If not let it shatter, No matter the… continue reading

Unfamiliar Measures

Since the dark invites more darkness, we get stuck in its condition. It takes unfamiliar measures to break free. We’re closed off from the solution when we’re caught up in the problem. Come to understand… continue reading

The Fluctuating Spikes

Opposition is resisted. When conditions are confronted, in defense they first produce a heightened state. When your mental states are surging, don’t give in to their inflation to maintain the current status they create. Doubt… continue reading

The Pressuring Event

There’s a choice or there’s no option:  either forced by circumstances or prepared to go by answering a call. When the voice is disappearing,  all because we stop to listen, The Alternative will happen to us… continue reading

The Reoccurring Trap Door

New terrain is never solid.  After change or transformation comes a period of instability. An intended destination  is still missing on arrival. Get acquainted with your new reality. Keep supporting the foundation  that provided your… continue reading

The Shifting Borderline

At their point of intersection  both realities are calling simultaneously. Stop going back and forth. Where the old and new conditions  are both equally attractive, one gets stronger when the other is ignored. Make a… continue reading