Unsubstantiated Evidence

The stories in our heads have a way of becoming reality. Perhaps not in detail, but they do in a general sense. What we think defines our attitude towards life and life has a way of returning the favor. People respond to you a certain way when you act a certain way.

When you are for instance fearful towards others, there’s often a defense or offense mechanisms hidden in your daily behavior, likely without you even knowing it. And people will unconsciously be offended by it, without them even knowing it. When they start retreating or striking back, you will unwittingly have created a situation to indeed be fearful of.

And since patterns like these often seem to create their own proof in this way, it’s easy to get stuck in them. But this unsubstantiated evidence is never truly proof. It’s merely the answer to what we transmit. And confirmation of this is something you can find on your own: be more trusting and the world will respond in kind.

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A philosophical dreamer with a passion for self-reflection and contemplating life. He’s serious about helping people with the insights he gathered, but playful in the way he communicates his wisdom. He left a career as environmental engineer behind, in favor of becoming a personal development coach and thought-provoking writer.

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