Wisdom Through Imagination

This is a ever-expanding list of verses in the series Visions of Fantasophy.

Imagination is a powerful tool to gain new understanding. It can make us see into the unknown. By using fantasy we can uncover the hidden facts of life.

With this premise in mind I wrote a several hundred verses in which I link philosophical views to fantastical elements. I call these “Visions of Fantasophy”, expressing the idea that we’re able to gain wisdom through imagination.

At the end of this list you can read a verse describing it in more detail.

Let me take you on a journey through Existential Portals to find Mystic Landscapes, and collect Magical Artifacts to overcome Common-Sense-Defying Traps and Impossible Phenomena.

Elaboration: I created this list for you to easily explore from verse to verse. All hashtags within the poems will take you back here.

The links below represent the hashtags, not the titles of the poems. Where there is no link, the entry refers to a poem that is finished, but is as yet unpublished.

When a poem is published as exclusive content, or is reserved for the books, it is mentioned in brackets.

This list was last updated June 12 2018.


The Mystic Landscapes (reserved for the books)
The Valley With The Relative Perspective (reserved for the books)
The Existing-On-All-Other-Planes Plateau (reserved for the books)
The Unreflected-Mirror-Image Lake (reserved for the books)
The Upstream-Flowing Waterfall
The Through-Nothing-Drifting Bedrock
The Region With The Shifting Borderline (exclusive content)
The Endless-Fall Ravine
The Chance-Manipulating Headlands
The Color-Changing Stream
The Rejuvenating Spring
The Inclination-Changing Cliff


The Common-Sense-Defying Traps (reserved for the books)
The Descending Ceiling (reserved for the books)
The Flooding Sands (reserved for the books)
The To-Themselves-Connected Rooms (reserved for the books)
The Reoccurring Trap Door
The Routinely Changing Lanes
The Fluctuating Spikes (exclusive content)
The Compressing Chamber (exclusive content)
The Irregularly Swaying Pendulum
The Endlessly To New Doors Leading Vaults
The Imaginary Obstacles
The Foundation That Exists In Constant Flux
The With Each Other Interfering Valves




The Enigmatic Pathways (reserved for the books)
The Unconnected Intersection (reserved for the books)
The Themselves Supporting Tiles (reserved for the books)
The Stairways With The Perpendicular-Positioned Steps
The Camouflaged Connections (exclusive content)
The Escalator With The Endlessly-Accelerating Climb
The All-States-Supreme Surpassing Ladder


The Incorporeal Structures (reserved for the books)
The Its Own Input Amplifying Grid
The Time-Withstanding Pillars
The Dome Without Dimension
The Castle That Can Keeps Itself Up Floating In The Air
The Eternal University
The Communicating Columns
The Immeasurable Hall


The Forming-After-How-They’re Handled Tools (reserved for the books)
The Over-The-Horizon-Looking Spyglass (reserved for the books)
The Light-Unbreaking Prism (exclusive content)
The Through-Creation Cutting Shears
The Time-Distorting Watch
The Truth Revealing Lens
The Extrapolating Ruler
The Inextinguishable Candle


The Transcendental Treasures (reserved for the books)
The Single Sided Coin
The Box That Once Opened Can Never Be Closed (exclusive content)


The Existential Portals (reserved for the books)
The Selective Gates (reserved for the books)
The To-Nowhere-Leading Door
The Worlds-Connecting Arch
The Door That Opens Only From The Other Side (exclusive content)
The One-Way Gate (exclusive content)
The Windows Leading To The Inner Realm
The Stretching Hallways




The Graceful Garments (reserved for the books)
The Gravity-Defying Cape
The Only-Seen-By-Those-Who-Wear-It Robe (exclusive content)
The Fabric With The Wavering Motif
The Immovable Boots
The Gauntlet Graced With Infinite Appeal
The Gown That Makes Life Blossom In Its Wake




The Impossible Phenomena (reserved for the books)
The In-Time-Suspended Twilight (reserved for the books)
The Static-State Eclipse (reserved for the books)
The Direction-Changing Avalance (reserved for the books)
The Abstract Elements (reserved for the books)
The Existence Twisting Knot
Summer Everlasting
The Reflective Panorama (exclusive content)
The Worlds-Consuming Vortex
The Frozen-Over Burning Sky
The Suspended Tidal Wave
The Ultimate Frontier


The Psychic Mechanisms (reserved for the books)
The Master Switch
The Oscillating Platforms
The Sliding Surface
The Itself-Repairing Mystery Device

In the books, these Visions of Fantasophy will be intermixed with other verses, which do not have a specific hashtagable attribute within their content, but still have an insightful message linked to a metaphorical setting. I have labeled these with the hashtag # Insightful Illustrations. You can find a full list below.

Elaboration: Only the poems I have posted or scheduled to be posted are listed below. I have dozens of these, most of which I have reserved for the books only, due to the context of their message, their book specific nature or connection to one another. I didn’t see the point in listing them all, mostly because their numbers are ever growing.


The Full Equation
Reversed Related
Original Design
Solution at the Source
Point of Revolution (exclusive content)
The Pressuring Event (exclusive content)
When Worlds Collide
Shades of Fairness
Intrinsically Connected
The Second Choice (exclusive content)
Iterations of Reality
Sentience Evolution
Empty Vessels (exclusive content)
Unsought Beauty (exclusive content)
Self-Restraining Freedom (exclusive content)
Contemplative Astral Form (exclusive content)
The Harmonizing Tendency
Forgotten Portions
Exploring Moral Venues
Carried for a Lifetime
Crafting Intentions (exclusive content)
Tumultuous Approach
Adequate Answers
From the Inside Out
Subliminal Causality (exclusive content)
Situational Deception
Suitable Adjustments
Raising Mountains (exclusive content)
The Grounds of our Demise
Homewards Bound (exclusive content)
Acute emergency
Protective Affirmations
Revel in the Afterglow (exclusive content)
Deeper Underground
Higher Voltage
The Incentive Contradiction (exclusive content)
The Nth Degree (exclusive content)


The unknown must be imagined
Before it can be discovered.
It’s through fantasy new insights can be seen.

Certain facts require fiction
To be properly depicted.
Think in fairy tales and find out what they mean.

Only dream-like illustrations
Can translate the strange behavior
Of our psychological reality.

Wisdom through imagination;
What’s obscured can be uncovered
When perceived through visions of fantasophy.

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A philosophical dreamer with a passion for self-reflection and contemplating life. He’s serious about helping people with the insights he gathered, but playful in the way he communicates his wisdom. He left a career as environmental engineer behind, in favor of becoming a personal development coach and thought-provoking writer.

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